Brides guide

Time frame

To have a convenient experience finding your wedding dress we recommend starting the process about 8 months in advance of your wedding day and prepare yourself for the decision-making by researching what kind of style you are looking for and who you want to be as a bride. Please keep in mind that the ordering process takes around 3 – 6 months depending on the designer, specific style and time of year, plus you might need extra time for alteration. Essentially, the sooner you place your order the better, as this will eliminate any unnecessary stressful situation.

Brides marrying within a short time, may be lucky enough to find a wedding dress from us, if we have a sample that we can sell. Also, in some cases rush orders are a possibility, but please note that an extra fee will apply to your order.

Open by appointment only

To ensure you the best possible service and an undisturbed experience while finding your wedding dress with us, we are open by appointment only. We are a small boutique and only have space for one bride at a time. Please note that we do not allow double appointments for you and your friend who is also getting married.

What to expect

Your appointment will be scheduled for about 75 minuets and is at no cost. This is the perfect amount of time to know a little about you and to try on a selection of different favorite dresses. We take pride in listening to your wishes and striving to provide an exceptional styling service with our selection of alternative wedding dresses and accessories. We will help you choose a fashionable bridal look that compliments your body shape, colors, personality and to match the concept of your wedding. Our goal is to make you appear like the absolute best version of yourself.

Price range

The price range of our designer wedding dress selection start at around DKK 15.000 – 45.000 This does not include alteration fees. We have great respect for your wedding dress budget, whether it is in our low or high end. We only ask you to be realistic about your budget, this way we can help you best possible.

Sample sizes

Unfortunately, we do not have space or economy to stock the wedding dresses in all sizes. We are aware that this may be a problem for some and we are sincerely sorry for this. Our samples are similar to Danish size 36 and 38. From the 2018 season we will also carry some styles in size 40. Please note that all styles can be ordered in size 34 – 42 with some styles available in size 30 – 46.

Bring your loved ones

We appreciate that you bring no more than 2 – 3 guests with you, but in fact we always recommend coming alone as we have experienced that too many opinions end up overwhelming the bride’s decision. That said, we understand the excitement of trying on wedding dresses and sharing this special moment with your loved ones. Bring the people that knows you best and who’s opinion you value. We kindly ask to arrange for child care for your appointment. Newborns are welcome if you have an additional guest with you.

Nude underwear

We suggest wearing nude, seamless underwear to have the best overall idea of the final bridal look. Kindly wear minimal make-up to protect our samples. We provide shoes for your appointment, but if you have already purchased your actual shoes you can bring them with you.

2nd appointment

If you did not make you wedding dress decision at your first appointment with us and need to come back for a second trying of your favorite dress(es), we happily schedule a 45 minutes’ appointment for you.

The process

When you have found the perfect wedding dress with us, we will have you measured to order the dress in a size as close to your body measurements as possible. All our designer dresses are made to order. When your dress is finished and has been delivered to us from the designer, we will contact you to arrange an appointment to try your actual wedding dress for the first time. Our seamstress will assist you for this appointment, so that if you need to alterate your dress and would like this service with us, our seamstress will be able to begin the process immediately. Should your dress fits perfectly, it is ready to bring home waiting for that special day. You will receive your wedding dress with a nice logo hanger and packed in a garment bag.

Payment procedure

When ordering your wedding dress, we require a non-refundable deposit of 50%. Choose to pay all at once or split the payment in two. 50% when ordering / 50% balance due immediately after your dress has arrived to us from the designer. If your wedding day is less than 3 months away, payment will be required in full. All accessories, off-the-rack dresses or products purchased in relation to sale, events etc. is to be paid in full.

Alteration service

Opposite to our colleagues in the wedding industry in Denmark, we offer our brides an in-house alteration service with our excellent seamstress, who will ensure your wedding dress fits perfectly in every way. Thus, we can guarantee the best care of your precious dress. We recommend starting the alteration process 1 – 2 months in advance of your wedding day. You should expect 1 – 3 appointments with us. Now your wedding dress will fit perfectly and is ready to bring home, waiting for that special day. Please, bring your actual underwear and shoes for your appointments.

Alterations are not included in the price of your wedding dress. Depending on the alteration needs, you should expect costs to range from DKK 1.500 – 3.000 on average. For any major customizations, costs can go upwards of DKK +5.000

Our alteration service is available Monday – Friday, during daytime only.

Storage service

Unfortunately, our space is very small and do not allow us to offer storage service on your wedding dress. Please note that if you wish to make use of our alteration service and the alteration does not take place immediately after your dress has been delivered to us from the designer, we kindly ask you to store your dress yourself until the alteration will begin.

Handmade with love

All our wedding dresses and headpieces are handmade with love – quiet an amazing craftsmanship – also meaning that no two pieces will never be entirely the same.

Product care

After having a fabulous party in your wedding dress, we highly recommend having it dry cleaned using a specialist to ensure your dress is handled correctly and to maintain it as an heirloom.

Thank you for reading our Brides Guide

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